HealthAid Vitamin D (500IU), 60 tablet(s)


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Aids in bone mineralisationSupports muscle functionsMaintains strong bones and teeth

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  • 60 tablet(s)
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HealthAid Vitamin D tablets play a major role in the process of bone mineralisation and help in absorbing and utilising calcium and phosphorous that aid in strengthening the bones. Also, these tablets are essential for the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. In addition, regular consumption of these tablets provides you with healthy skin, enhanced cognitive performance and improved mood. Apart from this, the tablets support muscle functions and play an important role at the cellular level. As these tablets are enriched with vitamin D3, consuming them provides benefits for individuals who consume foods devoid of vitamin D as well as old people who suffer from low level of vitamin D and are prone to weakness in the bones. So try HealthAid Vitamin D tablets to get strong bones.

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HealthAid Vitamin D (500IU), 60 tablet(s)

HealthAid Vitamin D (500IU), 60 tablet(s)


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